Archives: December 2017

SHOT Show Survival Guide: A Few Reminders as We Hit the Road for Another Year in Vegas

Whether it’s your first, your 40th (happy anniversary, SHOT) or you’ve never been—I hope this provides helpful insight to SHOT 2018 (or down the road).

Here we are again. Staring right down the barrel of another Vegas week ready to make or break the year, a few careers and of course, the internet. Either way, the industry’s biggest show is again breathing down our neck. It’s the same time every year, but it still roars in and grabs me by surprise. Hopefully I’m not alone.

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Transitions are a part of life. Sometimes they’re planned. Sometimes they’re necessary. Sometimes they’re unseen. Sometimes we control them. Sometimes they control us. There are so many variables and factors surrounding transitions big and small. In both our personal and professional life, it’s important to be aware of transitions to ensure we can manage them for the best outcomes.

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